How treat children during therapy

One of the most difficult thing for to do performing therapy with children(peads cases) was them crying alot during the session, I had no idea what to do as they refused to do anything. I wished I had encountered on two of these article earlier. In my opinion most of the base principle in the article is derived from Behavior Modifcation Technique which in the article also explained why its needed to do.

These are the two great article:

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Occupational Therapy Practice Framework 3rd Edition

Occupational Therapy Practice Framework 3rd Edition download

[click here to download]

Babies Developmental Chart in Infographic

Sensory - Perceptual dysfunction for Proprioceptions

Here's a good article on Proprioception and with lots of examples too

Asking The Right Question ( As an Occupational Therapy Learner in Malaysia )

Coming soon , will be based on OTPF (2nd or 3rd?)